I will spend approximately 2-3 hours with you where we will go over your options concerning: 

● Advanced Healthcare Directives: Guidance through end-of-life options to complete the appropriate Advanced Healthcare Directive paperwork. 

● Circle of Care: Sharing responsibility is the key to not burning out. Using the Circle of Care model I can help you set up a network for friends and family that want to help. 

● Caregiver Education: Education on what to expect in order to relieve some of the anxiety surrounding the dying process. 

● Vigil Planning: Guidance on ways that the dying and their loved ones can create meaningful space for the last few hours of life. 

● Getting affairs in order: After a loved one dies, there are a lot of loose ends to tie up, and having all of the paperwork in one place will make this easier when the family is grieving. I will help you know what you need, help you collect all of the important paperwork, and put it all in one place so that it is easy to find when it is needed.

● Funeral Planning: There are a lot of options available today for a funeral service. I can help you navigate and make the best choices for you or a loved one, and then help you to make the necessary arrangements.

(*After completing initial consultation, price of consultation is deducted from package price)

Initial Consultation

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